Petra-Arabians Stud

Arabian Horses are born to be spoiled. Yassmin Atieh

Drawings and Paintings

  These Drawings and Paintings are not by me, all of them are gifts from my very dear friends, and I would like to tell them thank you, your talents are shinning my heart and my home.

Haifa Drawings and Paintings


 By Mrs Jillian Vanstone

Austraila 2008 


 By Miss Jennifer Linnenweber

Canada 2008 


 Haifa at the international show of Egypt

By Miss Anja Schäpertöns

Germany 2008


Shaalan Painting



Shaalan Last race at Alexandria Race tracke

By Mrs Jillian Vanstone

Australia 2006



Shaalan saying good-bye and Haifa as a filly coming from Princess Alia's hands.

A Circle Of Love by Mrs Cathy Rochon

Canada 2010 


Malek AlPetra

By Miss Amal Atieh

Dubai - UAE 2012



Zebeeb Drawing



By Miss Jennifer Linnenweber

Canada 2008

By Mr Al Asmar

Egypt 2011

LoLy Drawing


 By Mrs Jillian Vanstone

Austraila 2006