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Arabian Horses are born to be spoiled. Yassmin Atieh

        The Arabian Horse in the Arabian Peninsula


  It was such an honer to work in such project to form this wonderful book with Khaled AlMutiery to represent some of the finest Arabian horses in the Gulf area


                              Type The Arabian Horse



Written in English translated to Arabic by me 

                        Translating Bait Al Arab - Kuwait Newsletters 2009- 2012


                        Al Khamsa Convention Trip to USA KY 2010




                                     Desert Heritage Magazine interview

 by Monika Savier  click here to see the Interview


Very interesting article about the National and

International 2009 Arabian horse show at El Zahraa-Cairo


                          The International Museum Of The Arabian Horse


 Translating all the titles to Arabic at

The International Museum of the Arabian Horse,

 At Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington Kentucky.




                                              Arabian Essence Magazine


Translating From English to Arabic for Arabian Essence

magazine and already published these four catalogues.


The Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse 2009 (1)



The Pure Bred Arabian Horse (2)


 The Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse 2010 (3)


The Pure Bred Arabian Horse (4)

                           Writting Articles in Arabian Horse World Magazine

August Issue 2008

08Egyptian_show by Yassmin Atieh.pdf


 February Issue 2009

09 Egyptian_Natl_Intl_show by Yassmin Atieh.pdf


  More to Come InshAllah, but have to say a great Thank You to: 


 Denise Hearst and Rhonda Hall for giving me this chance at AHW magazine.

 Gigi Grasso and Elvis Giughera for the great Help and believing in me so much at Arabian, Mila Khamis for introducing me, and Joseph Ferriss for all of his patience with me and recomending me in several ways and places.

 Desert Heritage and tuto Arabians for presenting me so beautifully.

  Bait Al Arab for making me a part of the team.

  Khaled Al Mutairy wonderful talent and creativity .