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    There is a garden in her eyes, where roses and white lilies flow.


Malak AlWard (NK Oteyba X Jomana)

 Strain: Dahmana Shahwaniah

KSB*1128, EAOPB# 9181

 DOB: 15 - February - 2007

 Bred by: Mr. Salah Al Terkait, AlWard Farm, Wafra - Kuwait




   Malak AlWard aka " The Miracle " walking so powerfully snorting like a storm, striking the earth like a minor earthquake, meeting her at the airport was like meeting a soldier after war, exhausted and nervous, seeing nothing but her own path, a huge mare that is covered with skin made of iron, a mare for a king, not for just a girl.

  She entered the airport stall strongly and full of confidence, I started taking the permission to touch her and say hello, she looked at me touching my soul and this when I knew that it’s all a shield, a camouflage that is hiding a little filly there afraid, and shaking, kind like a spring breeze or a sweet smelling water stream, just a girl, who is craving for a hug yet afraid of the arms, responsible for her moves but not her thoughts which are scaring her more and more, I knew this all from her eyes, her deep oceanlike eyes, with kohl surrounding them, she was a stormy gray night standing in a stall, searching for light, searching for security, I wished that moment I can close my eyes and take her to the place she likes, I wish I had the ability to absorb all of her fears, I knew I have a huge big job to do, to fly her out of the world of fear and shadows and lead her to her new home in my heart,But true to her Dahmah strain I know that soon she will decide that all is well and let me into her heart too.


Malak AlWard 

KSB*1128, EAOPB#

15 - February - 2007

Dahman strain, Straight Egyptian Arabian gray mare.


  NK Oteyba




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